It is our mission to strengthen and shield families, and engage the citizenry of Delaware in advocating for the timeless values that make our families thrive.

We are passionate about preserving and protecting our faith, family and freedom.   We believe that virtue is the foundation of strength for every aspect of our society.  It is within the healthy family that virtuous principles thrive and are best transferred.
It is our goal to equip you with the resources you need to be intentional about your marriage, parenting, and standing for truth in a way that is loving and inviting.
We must never abandon life giving principles in a world of relativism, a world that is hostile to the idea of absolute right and wrong.  We must learn to engage the culture, and be intentional about who we want to be and how we transfer values to our children. 
Stand with us as we work towards our mission to advocate for families, life, marriage and freedom.  Become a Member of DFPC!
Serving Delaware Families,
Delaware Family Policy Council